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Ministerial Fires

Category: Health & Safety | Bryan Richards Twitter | Published on: Nov 30, 2012 | Updated: Dec 12, 2016 Read more: Health & Safety

Houses of Parliament fire safetyIt was recently reported that the London Fire Brigade were concerned that the Houses of Parliament were not subject to fire safety inspections. Despite 40
minor fires in four years there had been no action to improve structural building fire safety since 1950.

Evening Standard

Statements and denials ensued.

The London Fire Brigade said they were not able to carry out formal inspections as the Crown is exempt from inspections. The House of Commons spokesman replied that a “rigorous programme of fire safety inspections were in place and regular fire drills were carried out to protect its staff and the public”.

This story highlights a serious point about the importance of establishing and maintaining fire safety arrangements to prevent fires and/or the
consequences of a fire. Fires occur because these things are overlooked.

It is a legal requirement to have appropriate fire safety arrangements in place in all workplaces. There are over 25,000 workplace fires each year. 1,500
people are injured and 25 people are killed. [Source: Fire Protection Association FPA].

What Fire Safety actions do you need to take as an employer or owner of a building?

First, you need to carry out a fire risk assessment Arinite Fire safety Advice. The main
aim is to identify:

  • Your fire hazards
  • Who could be harmed
  • The control measures required to reduce the risk of a fire occurring and its consequences.

Then you need to make sure that the control measures you have identified are implemented and monitored.

If you follow these steps the chances of your workplace being added to the annual statistics will be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Fire Prevention in our Homes

Although the legal requirement does not extend to our homes, the same principles of fire prevention should be applied. Over 500 people a year are killed in
home fires in the UK. Many of these fires could have been prevented by following basic fire safety precautions. Further useful information and advice can
be found at Fire Safety at Home.

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We have developed innovative ways to carrying out fire risk assessments which results in practicable and affordable solutions. The aim is to comply with
legislation so that you can carry on your business safely yet without hindrance.

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Bryan Richards 29th November 2012

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