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Lightning Bolt

Category: Health & Safety | Bryan Richards Twitter | Published on: Aug 14, 2012 | Updated: Dec 12, 2016 Read more: Health & Safety

What were the chances of Usain Bolt winning the Olympic 100m/200m double in consecutive Olympics? He is the first man to do this and for some this was not expected. However, he was able to improve the chances of winning through his training regime before the game.

In workplaces the chances of health and safety hazards causing harm to your employees can also be positively influenced by good training and communication. Without effective training the chances of things going wrong increase. For Bolt, this means losing out on that double record, but at work this could expose employees to harm, resulting in injuries, claims, damage and prosecution.

The lack of effective training and effective communication is often cited by the Health and Safety Executive when employers are prosecuted after a workplace accident.

Health and Safety Training in your Workplace

So what training can you provide to improve your chances of preventing harm to your employees?

First, it is important that you target your training to those exposed to significant workplace hazards. This will improve the effectiveness of the training both from an employer and employee perspective. There will not be unnecessary time spent away from work training and employees will feel that the training is relevant to the work that they are doing. Next, you will need to find Health and Safety training that will be tailored to your needs. The training should allow spontaneous feedback and input, and should be carried out by a trainer that can apply the legal requirements in a practical and engaging way. Once the training is completed it is important to get evaluation and feedback of the effectiveness of the training.

The types of training and the benefits include:



Directors/Senior Managers Senior persons have an understanding of health and safety requirements so that they can lead by example.
Employee Awareness If all employees, even those not carrying out higher risk tasks, understand how the wider company manages risk, it will help to improve corporate understanding and culture.
Fire Marshal For workplaces with a larger numbers of occupants, the evacuation of the building in a fire emergency will be better coordinated. Fire marshals play a vital role in achieving this, but they must receive training that is proportionate and relevant to the working environment.
Risk Assessor For higher risk workplaces, such as industrial, health care and manufacturing, risk assessments will be proportionate to activities so that business can continue in a safe way. Employees need to be nominated and trained to carry out risk assessments within their works areas.
DSE Risk Assessor In workplaces with many computer users, the carrying out of routine computer workstation assessments will be better coordinated.
Manual Handling The risk of back injury and other musculoskeletal injury will be reduced. This training should be targeted at those who are required to carry out manual lifting tasks.
COSHH Assessor Where hazardous substances are used, the risk of untoward employee exposure will be reduced.
Control of Contractors Contractors coming on to your site, such as service and building contractors, will be better controlled, minimising the risk of accidents.
Personal Safety Employees who work on their own will have a better understanding about minimising the risks to their own safety.

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Bryan Richards 13th August 2012

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