Workplace Safety


Workplace Safety

  • Every year over 200 people are killed at work and several hundred thousand more are injured and suffer ill health.
  • The biggest causes of days off work sick are aches and pains such as back problems and stress.
  • The most common causes of serious accidental injury at work are slips and trips.
  • The most common causes of death from accidents are falls from a height and being struck by vehicles in the workplace.

The key to workplace safety is common sense and keeping in mind a few simple steps can help keep you safe from harm at work.

Health and Safety rules, regulations and procedures.

Safety procedures and instructions are established to ensure employee safety. Good safety procedures are key to safety at work. They should consider all potentially hazardous work activities, anticipate problems and list clear and pragmatic working methods in order to help prevent accidents.

Be responsible for your own safety.

In order to stop preventable accidents, you must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as the proper clothing, eyewear, gloves, masks, hearing protection, etc. and use the right tools. These items will keep you safe especially when handling chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials.

Engage in good housekeeping practices.

While most accidents are preventable, many can simply be avoided if proper clean up and good housekeeping measures are followed. Poor housekeeping practices can conceal hazards that lead to injuries and accidents. Whilst disposing of waste properly and stowing equipment is key, housekeeping doesn’t just entail keeping an area clean. It also includes removing hazards such as the potential to slip and fall, trip over equipment, eliminating fire hazards and more.
Common sense is the common thread to workplace safety.

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