Health and Safety Policies and Procedures


Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

Every employer who employs five or more employees must prepare and revise a written statement of his or her general policy with respect to:

  • The health and safety at work of his employees.
  • The organisation for carrying out that policy.
  • The arrangements for carrying out the policy.

The Statement of Intent

This should comprise a statement of the organisation’s overall commitment to good standards of health and safety and should include a reference to compliance with legislation. In order to demonstrate that there is a commitment at a high level, the statement should preferably be signed by the chairman, chief executive or someone in a similar position of seniority.

Health and Safety Organisation

It is essential that the responsibilities for putting the good intentions into practice are clearly identified. This may be relatively simple in a small organisation but larger employers are likely to need to identify the responsibilities held by those at different levels in the management structure, as well as those for staff in more specialised roles, such as health and safety managers.

Health and Safety Arrangements

The practical arrangements for implementing the policy (e.g. emergency procedures, consultation mechanisms, and health and safety inspections) should be identified in this section. It may not be practicable to detail all of the arrangements in the policy document itself but the policy should identify where they can be found e.g. in a separate health and safety manual or within procedure systems.

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