Workplace Risk Assessment Training


Workplace Risk Assessment Training

The aim of this risk assessment training is to:

  • Give attendees the confidence to carry out risk assessments in their working environments.
  • Enable attendees to better appreciate how the risk assessment process can help to improve the working environment and help prevent injuries and ill health to employees, contractors, customers and visitors.

Due to the variation of risk in different workplaces, the training delivered by our Health and Safety Consultants is specifically tailored through desktop practical exercises and question and answer sessions.

The standard content of the training includes:

  • An introduction to workplace risk assessment.
  • Approach to risk.
  • Principles of managing risk and the legal requirement.
  • Definitions of hazard and risk.
  • Identifying the task to be assessed and looking for hazards.
  • Deciding who might be harmed and what is already being done to manage risk.
  • Risk perception, risk grading and evaluation.
  • Hierarchy of risk control measures.
  • Further action to reduce risk.
  • Specific risk assessment forms.
  • Conclusion, feedback and close.

The Format of the Workplace Risk Assessor Training is:

  • Power Point presentation together with several practical desktop exercises.
  • Handouts of presentation, risk assessment documentation and course evaluation feedback form.
  • Discussion and question and answer format.
  • Duration: approximately 2.5 to 3 hours, dependant on size of course and working area risk level.
  • Ideal course size – 1 to 15 delgates.
  • Course evaluation forms

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