Stress Awareness Training


Stress Awareness Training

The aim of this training is to give awareness to managers about stress in the workplace and how to recognise and prevent it.

The stress awareness training covers:

  • The need to manage workplace stress.
  • Legal requirements and definitions.
  • The causes of workplace stress.
  • Recognising the signs of stress.
  • The Health and Safety Executive Stress Management Standards.
  • Strategies for managing workplace stress.

Format of our Stress Awareness Training Course

  • Power Point presentation with interactive questions and answers throughout.
  • Handouts include; presentation, Case Law examples, Stress Awareness Guide Book.
  • Duration: one and a half hours (to be agreed with client) including questions.
  • Ideal course size: the venue will dictate numbers, but suggested maximum of 15 delegates.
  • Course evaluation forms

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