Personal Safety


Personal Safety Training

The aim of our Personal Safety training course is to give attendees an overview of the hazards and risks of working remotely and alone so that measures can be taken to minimise the risks to personal safety when working.

The Personal Safety Training Covers:

  • Who is responsible for your safety?
  • Dealing with aggression.
  • Out and about.
  • Reporting assaults.
  • Aftercare.

Format of our Personal Safety Training

  • Power Point presentation and interactive question and answer with delegates.
  • Personal safety quiz, followed by discussion of results.
  • Handouts of Power Point presentation, Personal Safety Booklet and feedback form.
  • Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours depending on size of course and working area risk level.
  • Ideal size of course: 1 to 15 delgates

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