DSE Assessor Training


DSE Assessor Training

Arinite’s DSE risk assessment training course is designed specifically for those employees nominated to carry out assessments for Computer Workstation users.

The Objectives of the DSE Risk Assessor Training are to:

  • Show delegates how to carry out a computer workstation assessment.
  • Describe the role of a DSE Risk Assessor.
  • Show how to identify the key hazards and risks.
  • Cover the requirements for policy and procedures.

The DSE Assessor Training Covers:

  • The role of the Assessor.
  • Legal requirements and definitions.
  • Potential health effects.
  • The principles of ergonomics.
  • Computer workstation components.
  • The principles of good posture.
  • Carrying out a workstation assessment.
  • DSE Knowledge test.

The Format of our DSE Risk Assessor Training:

  • Power Point presentation with interactive questions and answers throughout.
  • Practical Demonstrations of setting up a computer workstation correctly.
  • Practical DSE Risk Assessment exercise.
  • Handouts include; presentation, DSE Guide Book, DSE Risk Assessment Forms and guide.
  • Duration: one and a half hours, including questions.
  • Ideal course size: the venue will dictate numbers, but suggested maximum of 15 delegates.
  • Course evaluation forms

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