COSHH Assessor


COSHH Assessor Training

The objectives of Control of Hazardous Substances to Health (COSHH) training are to:

  • Meet the legal requirement to provide training to employees exposed to hazardous substances.
  • Give an overview of the legal requirements and best practice.
  • Enable a better appreciation of the health aspects of work.

The training covers:

  • Description and explanation of hazardous substances.
  • How health can be affected.
  • 8 steps to comply with COSHH.
  • COSHH assessment form and practical exercise to complete a COSHH assessment.


  • Power Point presentation and interactive question and answer with delegates.
  • COSHH assessment exercise.
  • Handouts of Power Point presentation, COSHH assessment documentation, HSE guides on COSHH Assessment.
  • Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours depending on size of course and working area risk level.
  • Ideal course size: 1 to15 delegates

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