Control of Contractors


Control of Contractors Training

The objective of this training is to understand the principles of managing Contractors so that the principles can be applied to the working environment.

The control of contractors training covers:

  • Why contractors should be managed.
  • The legal requirements.
  • An action plan before taking on contractors.
  • Planning for the risks.
  • Choosing a contractor.
  • Contractors working on your site.
  • Keeping a check on activities.
  • Reviewing the work.
  • Practical Exercise.

The Format of our Control of Contractors Training

  • Power Point presentation and interactive question and answer with delegates.
  • Control of contractor practical exercise.
  • Handouts of Power Point presentation, contractor pre-qualification and site inspection forms, various permit to work forms, six HSE guides on contractor working, Contractor Guide.
  • Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on size of course and working area risk level.
  • Ideal course size: 1 to 15 delegates.

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