Health and Safety Training

Arinite offers a range of both standard and bespoke Health and Safety Training classes. A brief summary of the courses available can be found below and more detailed information via the links on the panel to the left.

The lack of effective health and safety training and effective communication is often cited by the Health and Safety Executive when employers are prosecuted after a workplace accident.

The health and safety training provided by Arinite’s experienced health and safety consultants can be tailored to your needs and covers all variations of training – from fire marshal training to stress awareness. We offer onsite, offsite and “train your trainers” style courses, and our economically priced fees cover all preparation, travel, accommodation and other related costs.

Health and Safety training for Directors and Managers

Managers and Directors

This one hour course for Directors and Managers begins with an overview of the relevant legal requirements and the consequences of non-compliance. The second element looks at recommended health and safety management systems and the associated return on investment from a number of case studies and examples… full course description

Employee Health and Safety Awareness Training

Employee Health And Safety Awareness

It is a legal requirement for employers to give their employees information about Health and Safety hazards and how risks are controlled at work.  The level and content of this information is dependent on the inherent safety and health risks in your own working environment. Therefore this course is tailored to suit your specific needs… full course description.

 Fire Marshal Training

Fire Marshall Training

Nominated Fire Marshals (or Fire Wardens) help to coordinate the safe evacuation from a workplace in a fire emergency.  Our training is tailored to individual workplaces so that exit routes and fire arrangements can be demonstrated. Our Health and Safety consultants will include reference to your own fire evacuation plans….read full course description.

Workplace Risk Assessor Training

Workplace Risk Assessor TrainingUpon completion attendees will have the confidence to carry out risk assessments in their own working environments. They will better appreciate how the risk assessment process can help improve the working environment and help prevent injuries and ill health to employees, contractors, customers and visitors….read full course description.

Stress Awareness Training

Stress Awareness Training

In many companies stress is the greatest contributor to lost time in the workplace. Beginning with an overview of the causes of stress both inside and outside the workplace, this course provides managers and supervisors with the tools to help them recognise, prevent and manage workplace stress….read full course description.

DSE Risk Assessor Training

If you have been nominated to carry out risk assessments for Computer Workstation users this course is designed for you.  The hands on course will provide an overview of your role as a DSE Risk Assessor, help you identify the key hazards and risks and guide you through a full workstation risk assessment….read full course description.

Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training

Preventing injury by learning to lift correctly or by using a lifting aid or recognising that the risks are too great to lift safely is the aim of this course.  We cover the legal requirements, typical injuries, lifting techniques, lifting aids and risk assessment.  All of this is reinforced with hands on lifting exercises….read full course description.

Personal Safety Training

Personal Safety Training

Course attendees are given an overview of the hazards and risks of working remotely and alone so that measures can be taken to minimise the risks to personal safety.  Advice is given on recognising and handling risk, dealing with aggressive behaviour (seeking aftercare when appropriate) and reporting incidents….read full course description.

Control of Contractors Training

Control of Contractors Training

Employers have a duty of care to their own staff as well as to site visitors and contractors. Contractors can also introduce new risks and hazards to the working environment. The objective of this training is to understand the principles of managing contractors so that any risks can be assessed and control measures taken….read full course description.

COSHH Assessor Training

The Control of Hazardous Substances to Health (COSHH) training will enable you to meet your legal requirement to provide training to employees exposed to hazardous substances, provide an overview of the legal requirements and best practice and enable a better appreciation of the health aspects of work….read full course description.

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