Health and Safety Software


Health & Safety Software

Arinite’s Health and Safety Software is made up of three integrated modules

(see the figure below):

  • The Executive Dashboard will provide a real time snapshot of the health and safety risk and compliance profile of the organisation (as well as by department, location, region and country). The Dashboard is built automatically from the relevant documents held in the Document Management System. From the Executive Dashboard you will be able to “drill down” to the relevant documents and associated actions plans.
  • The Document Management System is a fully interactive and secure online document management system. It allows for storage, updating and retrieval of all documents and forms related to the management of health and safety.
  • Search4Safety is a “Google like” search tool that enables searches to be made for relevant health and safety documents. Search4Safety looks across both internal and selected relevant external sources such as the HSE website. Searches can be made by subject or free text search.

Collectively these three modules, plus the online forms, processes and procedures make up the Arinite Health and Safety Management System. This system:

  • Supports and underpins Arinite’s Health and Safety Services and Training.
  • Will improve your company’s productivity, reduce costs and ensure the focus is on your core business.
  • Is powerful and yet simple and intuitive to use.
  • Will ensure your organisation is legally compliant, providing peace of mind for Directors, Trustees, Managers and others.
  • Will provide a full audit trail to support Local Authority inspections and Incident Analysis.
  • Is designed to support multi sited clients including those with international operations.

The three modules, and the overarching Health and Safety Management System are under development and will be released during 2012.

Health and Safety Software

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Health and Safety Software