Health and Safety Policy


Health and Safety Policy

It is a legal requirement for employers with more than five employees to have a written Health and Safety Policy. This in turn facilitates formal arrangements to effectively manage workplace safety and health risks. The document will also show:

  • The organisation takes its health and safety responsibilities seriously.
  • There is a formal means of communicating health and safety policies and procedures to employees.
  • Effective arrangements are in place which can be shared with third parties such as contractors, visitors, customers and business partners. This can also lead to a commercial benefit.

The fundamental structure of the policy document is shown below:

Health and Safety Policy Structure

We will make sure that your policy document meets this structure and that the three elements are interrelated, and relevant, to your organisation.

The Arinite Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Manual is a fundamental and integral part of the Health and Safety Management process.

The benefits of our Health and Safety Policy Manual:

  • Is a working document that meets the legal requirement.
  • Provides assurance that workplace health and safety issues are being formally addressed through the policy and procedures.
  • Provides a means of communication of safe working policy and procedures to employees.
  • Demonstrates good practice to your clients, employees, contractors, visitors and other partner or associated companies, resulting in good business standing.

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