Health and Safety Outsourcing


Health and Safety Outsourcing

Why outsource your health and safety management?

You may have already decided to outsource your Health and Safety service due to a corporate policy or reorganisation. Alternatively, you may be aware that other companies outsource their Health and Safety services and you are interested in the benefits of doing this yourselves.

Whether or not you outsource, you have a legal duty to ensure that you have competent Health and Safety support. All employers must ensure that people are safe during their business activities, and that all employees have a proportionate level of health and safety understanding.

Failure to have robust policies and practices can lead to significant business costs ranging from downtime, reputational damage, absenteeism and of course, personal liability for Directors.

Does your company need to outsource health and safety? The table below shows the many benefits of outsourcing your Health and Safety responsibilities to Arinite.

“Health and safety compliance isn’t sexy and can go un-prioritised by in-house managers. It often takes a near-accident to get a response.
H&S compliance doesn’t make money, but it stops you losing money, manages risk and loss of reputation. It also creates a better place to work, which in addition helps with staff recruitment and retention.”

Arinite client in the heavy machine industry

Legal Duty

Companies have a legal duty to provide competent health and safety support (see The ever-changing legislation is wide-ranging and industry-specific. Your health and safety ‘competent person’ has a challenging role, so there are many benefits of outsourcing that responsibility to an expert.

Arinite consultants are fully trained (CMIOSH, NEBOSH and IOSH) with years of experience in the industry. If you decide you want to outsource health and safety, we can offer a flexible, tailored service to suit your requirements.

If you’re unsure of your needs, call 0207 947 9581 for a no-obligation chat.

IPG Interpublic Group

“Bryan is a highly respected health and safety expert. He has been an invaluable resource to us in this market supporting the initiation, development and refinement of emergency preparedness and business continuity plans and initiatives. Bryan possesses impeccable technical knowledge.”

Casey Tinnesz
Director, Continuity and Crisis Management, Inter Public Group January 2012

The challenges of managing health and safety in-house The benefits of outsourcing health and safety to Arinite
Making sense of HSE legislation and regulations. We keep health and safety simple, pragmatic and jargon-free.
Developing detailed knowledge of health and safety. Our consultants have a wealth of training and experience.
Keeping up to date with changes in legislation. We regularly update you on legislation changes and will notify you of amendments that might affect your organisation.
Time taken from HR or Facilities Management staff. We allow your staff to focus on their main roles thereby saving on management time.
Ensuring your policies and procedures are compliant with the legislation. We generate confidence that all health and safety issues are being managed properly and in accordance with the regulations.
Exposing your staff to unnecessary risks. We assist you to reduce risks and hazards in the workplace.
Exposure to possible legal action. We offer a safeguard against possible legal action in that all necessary action has been taken to look after the welfare of your employees.
Developing adequate procedures for dealing with accidents at work. We assist with accident review, analysis and reporting and can be on the scene as needed.
Cost of absenteeism and staff turnover. Improved staff welfare will reduce absenteeism and staff turnover.
The cost of devoting management time to health and safety. Most clients find that outsourcing health and safety responsibilities to Arinite reduces costs.


“Arinite are very professional with immediate reaction times to issues and events.”

Billy Gall Gray
Facilities Manager, IPG Media Brands, January 2015

Why choose Arinite for your outsourced health and safety needs?

  • We offer a personal, high-quality, affordable and cost-effective service giving our clients the opportunity to get more for less.”
  • You have “peace of mind” knowing you have one of the UK’s leading Health and Safety experts at the helm of your business.
  • Our health and safety experts have a variety of accreditations, from CMIOSH, NEBOSH to IOSH, and are all educated to degree level with at least two years’ experience working in the health and safety industry.

Services we offer:

  • On-Going Expert Advice.
  • Acting as your Health and Safety ‘Competent Person’.
  • Development and Maintenance of Tailored Health and Safety Policy and Procedures.
  • Health and Safety Management Audit.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Inspection.
  • Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Disability Discrimination Act Access Audit.
  • Environmental Protection Audit.
  • Occupational Stress Audit.
  • Health and Safety Action Planning Meetings
  • Health and Safety Committee Meetings.
  • Assisting with the Co-ordination of Workplace Risk Assessment.
  • Specialist Risk Assessments.
  • Serious Accident and Incident Investigation.
  • Routine and health-related DSE Computer Workstation Assessments.
  • Health and Safety training for Directors and Managers.
  • Core Health and Safety Training including: Fire Marshal, Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Risk Assessor and Manual Handling.
  • Specialist Health and Safety Training, including COSHH Assessor, Control of Contractors, Permit to Work, Work at Height and Stress Awareness.
  • Assisting with the Health and Safety aspects of client tenders to increase client retention and win new business.
  • Health and Safety Annual Report.

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