Environmental Compliance Consultants


Environmental Protection Audit

Our environmental compliance consultants will carry out an Audit to assess the environmental assessment requirements based on ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management Systems – Specification with guidance for use.

The audit will either:

  • Assess a formal environmental management system that is already in place, or
  • Serve the purpose of the initial environmental review for organisations that do not have a formal system in place.

Organisations have a legal duty (in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and relevant statutory provisions) to put in place suitable arrangements to manage environmental protection as advised by the Environment Agency. This audit helps ensure that effective arrangements are in place. Where any action is required this is identified in the report and is summarised in the executive summary.

Environmental Management System

The Important features of an environmental managed system based on ISO 14001 include:

  • The environmental policy statement, which sets the framework for environmental management. The environmental policy should address significant environmental aspects and the requirements of applicable environmental legislation (note: legislation should in any case be used as part of the assessment of ‘significance’).
  • The policy is implemented through appropriate objectives, targets, responsibilities, action plans, programmes and procedures.
  • Performance is checked through monitoring and planned auditing, and rectified where non-conformance is identified.
  • There are feedback mechanisms through the management review to make sure that the system is kept relevant and fit-for-purpose and can deliver continual improvement.
  • Initial environmental review is an important first stage for organisations that don’t have a formal Environmental Management System (EMS); more environmental reviews may be needed if circumstances significantly change, for example new activities, products and services and external developments.

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