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Arinite is an innovative company that specialises in providing Health and Safety services and support to companies across a range of industries. We aim to help our clients:

  • Reduce the cost of health and safety compliance.
  • Provide peace of mind, enabling companies to focus on their core business.
  • Ensure compliance that is proportionate, cost effective and relevant to the working environment.
  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

Provision of Arinite’s Health and Safety services is led by Bryan Richards.  Qualified as both a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner and a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner, Bryan has over 20 years’ experience as a health and safety consultant.

Arinite’s Health and Safety Management Services

Arinite’s services, which range from bespoke Health and Safety training through Health and Safety Audits to acting as your competent person or providing a fully outsourced Health and Safety Service, are customised to the business and organisational requirements of our clients. Our services include:

Health and Safety Audit and Inspection

Employers’ have a legal duty to create a safe and healthy working environment.  Arinite’s Health and Safety Audit addresses all relevant aspects of Health and Safety management and workplace risk.  The comprehensive report that is produced following the audit provides a road map for full compliance with all relevant legislation.

Health and Safety Policy

It is a legal requirement for employers with more than five employees to have a written health and safety policy. This in turn facilitates formal arrangements to effectively manage workplace risks.  The Arinite Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Manual is a fundamental and integral part of the Health and Safety management process.

Health and Safety Management

Arinite recognises the business and workplace benefits of adopting a holistic approach to Health and Safety Management and Business Risk Management. Our policies and procedures are developed with this in mind and to ensure your organisation is fully compliant with all relevant and current legislation.

Fire Risk Assessment

The greatest catastrophic risk in most work places is from fire.  A Fire Risk Assessment helps to identify and eliminate the risk of fire and to ensure that if a fire does occur your employees and visitors can be evacuated safely.  The Fire Risk Assessment will also ensure your organisation is complying with all relevant legislation.

Workplace Risk Assessment

Identifying potential hazards and managing risks to health and safety is essential in ensuring a safe working environment. Risk assessment is fundamental to all health & safety requirements and standards. Arinite can assist you in carrying out risk assessments which are proportionate to your working environment.

DSE Computer Workstation Assessment

A DSE Assessment evaluates the hazards for employees who regularly use computer equipment, including laptops and mobile devices.  Arinite solutions include online or form based self assessments, face to face assessments with an Arinite health and safety consultant or training of your own staff to carry out the assessments.

Accident Investigation

The investigation of work-related accidents forms an essential part of managing health and safety. Arinite uses a systematic approach to determining why an accident occurred and the steps needed to prevent recurrence.  In the event of a serious incident we can liaise with enforcement authorities and assist with RIDDOR reports.

Health and Safety Outsourcing

Health and Safety outsourcing is an effective way of improving health and safety management across your organisation.  It can reduce costs and work place risk and give organisations time to focus on their core business.  Many companies enjoy the benefits of working with their Arinite health and safety consultants in this way.

Competent Person

As an employer you need to appoint somebody to act as your competent health and safety person.  This could be a suitably qualified employee or you could hire an Arinite health and safety consultant to perform this role.  The decision on who to appoint will depend on the specific working environment and the risks involved.

DDA Access Audit

If you employ or are planning to employ people with disabilities, Arinite can carry out a Disabled Access Audit.  This will help provide a better working environment and ensure compliance with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act, Approved Documentation of the Building Regulations and “Best Practice”.

Occupational Stress Audit

Stress related illnesses cause more lost time at work than any other factor.  Arinite can carry out a management level Stress Audit to assess stress levels and to ensure compliance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and the Health and Safety Executive Stress Management Standards.

Environmental Protection Audit

This audit considers the environmental aspects of the workplace for both your employees and the wider community.  The Arinite Health and Safety consultant can either assess an existing environmental management system or undertake an initial environmental audit for organisations that do not have a system in place.

Health and Safety Committees and Action Planning

Arinite encourages the formation of a Health and Safety Committee or more informal meetings to spread responsibility across the organisation.  The Arinite health and safety consultant can assist in the setting up of the committee, meeting or forum and take an active part in running the agenda including acting as chairperson.

Health and Safety Aspects of Client Tenders

Arinite has assisted numerous companies improve their chances of winning business in a formal tender process.  This has been achieved by helping those clients improve both their own health and safety management systems and  the way in which they present those systems to their clients and prospects.

Health and Safety Annual Report

An annual Health and Safety Annual Report assesses progress against key performance indicators over a 12 months period.  The report can be updated quarterly to highlight areas for on-going or immediate improvement.  The annual report provides an excellent component of an overall health and safety management system.

Other Services

If there are Health and Safety services you are looking for that are not included in the short list above do not hesitate to contact us.

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