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Health and Safety Information Super Highway?

Category: Health & Safety | Bryan Richards Twitter | Published on: Mar 25, 2014 | Updated: Dec 12, 2016 Read more: Health & Safety

Health and Safety Information Super HighwayToday there is an ever increasing access to information through the world wide web. However, this easy access does not necessarily mean that we can easily find an answer to a question, in fact far from it.

For example, let’s look at Health and Safety. Suppose we know nothing about it and we type in `health and safety’ into our search engine. For a UK restricted search, this results in 21,400,000 hits and for a web wide search, a staggering 173,000,000 hits.

Of course, we do not see all those hits and information is sorted for us so that there are about 10 hits on a page. Perhaps the answer we seek is on page one, but if we are new to the subject how do we know? We may see things we recognise like a Wikipedia definition or the Health and Safety (HSE) Executive website, which happens to be the number one hit using my search engine.

So, we go to the HSE Website and if we type in health and safety in the search box we get 119,000 hits and if we type, say, health and safety requirements, we get 17,800 hits. This is just on the HSE website. Again, there is some filtering to help us so hopefully we see something on the first search page that gives us the guidance we need.

It’s not just the electronic super highway that can drown us in information. Large H&S manuals of policies, procedures and other documentation can easily become overwhelming. More importantly,  key H&S messages are not communicated to employees.

This  can leave organisations legally vulnerable when a serious accident occurs.

One of the biggest factors in accidents is the lack of information, instruction and training. It is sad to read reports on workplace fatalities where a death could be have been simply avoided by people  communicating simple H&S information to each other.

KEY – Ensuring H&S information is communicated in a simple way

At Arinite we are acutely aware of the shortfall in communicating H&S information and the need to keep H&S information simple and interesting.

We have been developing innovative ways to better communicate information.

An example of this is the Arinite Factsheet and you can download a free sample at the link. This gives information about a H&S topic in a colourful and interesting way on a single page. This results in information being passed on ,which widens H&S knowledge and reduces the likelihood of accidents.

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Bryan Richards 25th March 2014

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