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Health and Safety – an economic rise in harm?

Category: Health & Safety | Bryan Richards Twitter | Published on: Apr 29, 2014 | Updated: Dec 12, 2016 Read more: Health & Safety

health and safety economic rise in harmIn a recent blog, Judith Hackett, Health and Safety Executive Chair, commented on the link between the economy and workplace injury and fatality rates.

When the UK entered economic recession in 2008 some expressed concern that workplace injury rates would go up due to companies cutting corners to save costs. However, injury and fatality rates continued to improve despite the recession.

History shows similar trends in previous recessions. Yet there is a cautionary tale to these statistics. Previous economic recoveries are linked with an increase in injury and fatality rates.

The explanation for this was that during a recession there is very little recruitment resulting in less inexperienced recruits in the workforce. This is linked to the fact that young and inexperienced recruits are three times more likely to be killed or injured than inexperienced workmates.

So as the economy improves does this mean that we are about to see an automatic increase in injuries and fatalities at work?

At Arinite, we believe that this does not need to be the case.

KEY MANAGEMENT ACTION – ensure that new recruits to your organisation receive appropriate health and safety training and information.

Another management action that can be taken to reduce the chance of accidents involving new recruits is by ensuring new employees are supervised and helped by more experienced colleagues. Some industry sectors use identification systems for new recruits, for example different coloured safety helmets or overalls, so that they can be easily identified.

Arinite Facsheets

Arinite is acutely aware of the shortfall in communicating H&S information and the need to keep H&S information simple and interesting.

We have been developing innovative ways to better communicate information for new employees.

An example of this is the Arinite Factsheet and you can download a free sample here. This gives information about a H&S topic in a colourful and interesting way on a single page. This results in information being passed on, which widens H&S knowledge and reduces the likelihood of accidents.

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Arinite clients appreciate we provide practical, no-nonsense advice about what you need to do to establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. My team of Health and Safety Consultants take pride in keeping health and safety simple for our clients.

If you need to call upon our expertise in Health and Safety Consulting, or just for informal Health and Safety advice, please call me on: mobile 0780 361 2948, office 0207 947 9581, or drop me a line at

Bryan Richards 29th April 2014

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