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Health and Safety Factsheets – How To Get the Message Across

Category: Health & Safety | Bryan Richards Twitter | Published on: Feb 20, 2017 | Updated: May 22, 2017 Read more: Health & Safety

factsheet-newWhy is this important?

For over 30 years, I have been looking at how and why workplace accidents occur, firstly in the Royal Navy and latterly in the commercial world. Most of the accidents I have investigated or read about should not have happened. This has maintained my passion to improve health and safety at work. If one serious accident can be prevented, it is worthwhile.

I have found that the common denominator for most of these accidents was a lack of communication of information. In some cases, if workers had simply talked to each other before starting work, it would have saved their lives.

What can employers do to improve communication?

An employer may have the best intentions by carrying out risk assessments, safety audits and training. However, if the information about safe working is not communicated and understood by the person exposed to the risk, then accidents will still happen. Unfortunately, paperwork on its own does not save lives.

Yet, ensuring that information is communicated and understood is not as easy as it may appear. How do you ensure the message gets through? Few workers are going to read and digest a typical ten-page `brief’ HSE guide, even though this may contain excellent advice. Many may not even read a two-page safety memo. Employees may be given generic manual handling training, but do they know how to use the specific lifting aids given for their work?

Arinite Health and Safety Factsheets

This led me to develop one-page Arinite H&S Factsheets, like this fire safety guide. Some are based on legal requirements, HSE guidance and industry best practice, some are my own words and ideas based on experience. It has taken me over four years to produce 65 factsheets and some have reached their sixth version in this time.

The aim of these factsheets is to help in the process of communicating a range of health and safety information, on a page. Already, I have found that the factsheets are often my first point of reference. They are also used to support and explain H&S topics during Arinite health and safety training.

How Arinite can help


Arinite can assist organisations in communicating the H&S message by carrying out bespoke health and safety training which is relevant to organisational risk.

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Arinite clients appreciate we provide practical, no-nonsense advice about what you need to do to establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. My team of health and safety consultants take pride in keeping health and safety simple.

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Bryan Richards 17th February 2017

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