Safe use of Bed Rails



“I find Arinite professional, responsive and committed to ensuring excellent health and safety practices within the workplace and within our resident’s homes.

I would recommend Arinite, they are responsive and reply very quickly to correspondence.

In addition to this our consultant is highly knowledgeable and is able to give us up to date information and guidance on a wide range of health and safety matters.

Having an independent person to run scenarios and situations past has resulted in reduced costs for example when we have received reports from insurers.”

Louise Graham,
Housing Operations Manager, Sapphire Independent Housing, June 2017

Safe use of Bed Rails

Bed rails are both work equipment and medical devices. All staff working with bed rails must attend training on their safe use to avoid entrapment of the resident.

Key points to consider

  • Bed rails should be provided only where they are the most appropriate solution to prevent falls.
  • Training for staff in the risks, and safe use of bed rails.
  • Check the rails and any accessories are compatible with the bed, mattress and occupant.
  • Ensure the mattress fits snugly between the rails.
  • Rails should be correctly fitted on both sides of the bed, secure, regularly inspected and maintained.
  • Use regular checks to ensure that gaps which could cause entrapment of neck, head, and chest are eliminated.

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