General Welfare



“I find Arinite professional, responsive and committed to ensuring excellent health and safety practices within the workplace and within our resident’s homes.

I would recommend Arinite, they are responsive and reply very quickly to correspondence.

In addition to this our consultant is highly knowledgeable and is able to give us up to date information and guidance on a wide range of health and safety matters.

Having an independent person to run scenarios and situations past has resulted in reduced costs for example when we have received reports from insurers.”

Louise Graham,
Housing Operations Manager, Sapphire Independent Housing, June 2017

General Welfare

Care Homes should provide a homely environment while safeguarding the welfare of employees.

Key points to consider

  • Make sure staff welfare is taken into account.
  • If smoking is permitted aim to reduce second hand smoke exposure.
  • Record your compliance with working time limits.
  • Consider any risks to new and expectant mothers.
  • Are an adequate number of first-aid kits and trained first aiders available?

First Aid

Under the Health & Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, workplaces should have first-aid provision appropriate to the nature and degree of the hazards at work, shift working, available medical services, and number of employees.

The HSE book First Aid at Work contains an Approved Code of Practice and guidance to help employers meet their obligations

The provision of first aid should be based on an assessment of the type of work undertaken, the nature of the population that may need the first aid, and the proximity to professional medical assistance. In a care home environment, it is likely that staff trained to at least        emergency first aid standard should be available on each shift.

Suitable first aid facilities should be provided in the form of first aid kits, burns kits, eyewash stations, medical rooms, etc. The provisions should be checked regularly.

There are no hard and fast rules on the number of First-Aiders you should have, it depends on the circumstances of your business. The HSE First Aid at Work provides more details

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