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Bryan’s Health & Safety Factsheets – a Hard Act to Follow

Category: Health & Safety | Jan Mirkowski Twitter | Published on: Dec 11, 2018 | Updated: Dec 11, 2018 Read more: Health & Safety

I write this little more than a year after Bryan Richards, co-founder of Arinite, left us.  Although his early passing reminds us of the fragility of human life, his legacy lives on and continues to influence the lives of people at work.

He authored numerous policies and procedures – and no fewer than 60 one-page health and safety factsheets – which have been embedded into companies’ corporate cultures in countries around the globe and published in a book (more on that in a moment).

In the last year the list has grown to 75 including the recently added 12 Care Sector factsheets covering care home health and safety.

Ever the consummate gentleman, Bryan had a calm unflustered demeanour, great listening skills, and an eye for detail.  He realised that a common denominator for most accidents was a lack of communication.  Few workers are going to read and digest a typical ten-page “brief” Health and Safety Executive guide, even though this may contain excellent advice. Many may not even read a two-page safety memo.

All of this led Bryan to develop the Arinite factsheets.  Some are based on legal requirements, HSE guidance and industry best practice, some are Bryan’s own words and ideas based on experience. It took Bryan over four years to produce the factsheets and some reached their sixth version during his life.

The list includes:

0040 Compliance road map 0223 H&S Management – Culture
0050 Confined Spaces 0225 H&S Management Systems – 45001 and HSG65
0060 Control of Contractors 0226 Health Care – key safety considerations
0070 Directors 0230 Home Working
0080 Disabled or temporary disabled employees 0240 Ionising radiation
0090 Display Screen Equipment 0250 Laser safety
0100 DSE Mobile 0255 legionella
0110 Driving for Work 0257 LOLER – health and Social care
0115 Ebola 0258 LOLER – Industrial
0120 Electricity at Work 0260 Lone working
0125 Electromagnetic Fields 0280 Manual Handling
0130 Employee H&S 0290 New and expectant mothers
0140 Emergency Planning and Recovery 0300 Noise
0150 Environmental Management 0310 Off site working
0155 Ergonomics 0320 Office Safety
0160 Fire Marshal 0330 Overseas working
0165 Fire Safety – Responsible Person 0340 Permit to work
0168 Fire Doors 0350 Personal Safety
0169 Fire Risk Assessment 0355 PPE – A User Guide
0170 Fire Safety Awareness 0356 Pressure Systems
0172 Fire safety Management 0360 Risk Assessment
0175 Fire Extinguishers 0365 School Safety
0180 First Aid at Work 0366 Sentencing Guidelines
0182 Food Safety 0370 Slips, Trips and Falls
0185 Fork Lift Truck safety 0380 Stress at Work
0190 Guarding machinery 0390 Training
0200 Hazardous Substances 0420 Work at Height
0210 Health Risk Management 0421 Work at Height – Ladders
0220 H&S Management – Systems 0430 Work Equipment
0221 H&S Management – Policy 0440 Workplace transport
0222 H&S Management –
Business Risk
0450 Young Persons


The factsheets are laid out in a graphic, colourful style – easy to assimilate. Partly to honour departed merit, but mostly to build on Bryan’s passion for improving working conditions, the factsheets have been compiled into a single compendium for the first time.

If you would like to buy the compendium, speak to your Arinite consultant, all proceeds will go The Bryan Richards Foundation (set up in his honour to help create safer working environments in countries where staff are not afforded the same protection as in the UK), or order a copy directly from Amazon.

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Jan Mirkowski
International Services Director

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