Health and Safety Consultants:

  • Provide peace of mind
  • Enable you to focus on your core business
  • Are cost effective and relevant

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Arinite is a health and safety consultancy providing support to a diverse international customer base both in the UK and overseas. Our services range from risk assessment, audit and inspections to fire marshal training and fulfilling the requirement of a competent person.

Arinite is a company that provides personal, proactive and pragmatic cost-effective health and safety support. In the adjacent image, you will see a video introducing “Arinite’s Health and Safety Consultants” whereby you can learn more about what we do.


Arinite specialises in providing tailored health and safety services in the UK and internationally to low risk office environments, health & social care services, NHS, Clinical Commissioning Groups, retail, manufacturing/assembly, engineering and schools.

Arinite can assist with individual projects and can provide an outsourced health and safety solution whereby we can be nominated as one of your legally required competent health and safety persons.

Many organisations appoint Arinite to give them more time to focus on core business whilst at the same time achieving cost savings and peace of mind.

Arinite’s contract retention rates are closer to 100% than 90%.

How do we do this?

It all begins from the very first time you contact Arinite you will notice an immediate response.

We want to meet with you face-to-face and ask you lots of questions, as we believe “clarity matters.”

We want a clear understanding of your needs and can then prepare a proposal that matches your specific requirements.

We appoint a lead Health and Safety Consultant to be your day-to-day point of contact and if necessary, your consultant or organisation can call upon other Arinite team members who each have their own expertise. Collectively they have over 400 years H&S experience within this sector.

Arinite is proactive, working with you to close out actions.

Keep Health and Safety Simple

Working with our clients, we are always striving to make H&S simple. An example of this is Arinite’s H&S Factsheet book.

Arinite has produced over 70 H&S factsheets on 70+ different health and safety topics.

In response to their popularity, our Health and Social Care Services clients have requested that they too want one-page Health & Social Care Services factsheets, which we have created 20 for and the list is growing.

Immediate Response

If there is an incident, you may want to speak to your day-to-day health and safety Consultant and not a Call Centre. At Arinite you are encouraged to contact your nominated Consultant anytime of the day or night.

Making Promises

At Arinite, a promise made is expedited always on time; our customer loyalty is testimony to this.

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We would encourage you to watch the video and contact us to discuss how we can work with you in achieving cost savings and peace of mind… Arinite are here to help

Brendan Tuite

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Health and Safety Services

Arinite’s services are tailored to meet your organisational requirements. Our health and safety consultancy service will help you create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Our service will :

  • Maintain a healthy and safe workplace.
  • Reduce the cost of compliance.
  • Provide “peace of mind”.
  • Provide a competent person for H&S.

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Health and Safety Training

Our highly qualified consultants will help ensure that your employees are trained in every aspect of health and safety that presents a significant risk. Our courses are delivered on site across the UK.
The training we provide will be :

  • Applied to your working environment.
  • Provided by competent trainers.
  • Interactive, allowing full participation.
  • Fully documented and certificated.

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Health and Safety Software

Arinite’s innovative software solution ensures that H&S documentation is effectively managed. The system will collate data to maintain tailored corporate and site dashboards overseen by our experts.
The system will provide :

  • A secure depository of H&S information.
  • Live monitoring through dashboards.
  • Site and corporate access levels.
  • Management reports.

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Featured Factsheet - Slips, Trips and Falls


Our factsheets are designed to give you the important information you need to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Download a range of Factsheets from ‘Fire Safety’ Guides to ‘Lifting Guides’ to ensure you have the latest information up to date.

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International Health and Safety

A Reactive approach implies that you do the bare minimum and simply respond to health and safety incidents as and when they occur. Internationally your main concern will be to ensure you understand any legal implications in the event of an incident, particularly if that could have been prevented had you been a little more proactive in managing health and safety.

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