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Arinite’s 65 factsheets, each covering a single health and safety topic, are designed to communicate important health and safety information to directors, managers, employees, contractors and students seeking pragmatic advice. Based on legal requirements, HSE guidance and industry best practice the factsheets were developed by Arinite over a 4 year period and are being continually updated.

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LOLER – Industrial

LOLER - Industrial

Lifting equipment used in industry is wide ranging. Injuries and fatalities have been caused through inadequate planning of lifting operations, poorly maintained equipment and incorrect use of equipment. The LOLER Regulations recognised the inherent risk of lifting operations and by … Continue reading

Accident Reporting

0010 Accident Reporting

Despite best health and safety efforts, accidents and incidents do occassinally happen. When they do, and depending on their severity, they will need to be documented and reported. The Arinite factsheet on Accident Reporting provides a handy one page summary … Continue reading

DSE Risk Assessment

DSE Risk Assessment

Download this factsheet Definitions Display Screen Equipment – any alphanumeric or graphic display screen, regardless of the display process. Workstation – comprises: DSE and input devices Computer, printer, telephone, document holder, work chair, desk The immediate area around the workstation … Continue reading

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

This factsheet is a general guide for the selection of an appropriate number of fire extinguishers. However, whilst this will assist in the assessment of requirements, the type and nature of premises and work activities will vary, creating different levels … Continue reading

Health and Safety Culture

Health and Safety Management Culture

Download this factsheet H&S Management Journey / Culture Reactive Compliant Proactive Reactive The organisation is not complying with H&S legal requirements There may be little knowledge of H&S requirements or a culture of non-compliance may exist There may have been … Continue reading

Health and Safety Liability for Directors

Health and Safety liability for Directors

If a H&S offence is committed with consent or connivance, or is attributable to the neglect of any director, manager or other similar officer of the organisation, then that person (and the organisation) can be prosecuted under the Health and … Continue reading